I stopped at the payment center this afternoon to pay my electric bill. It's run by a Nigerian couple. Ebony black with pearl white teeth. Always smiling. Always a kind word or a clever remark. They were unusually happy today. In fact, as I approached the window they were choking back laughter. The wife was reading an email out loud in their native language, a dialect she finds difficult to explain. I could see the picture attached to it — a goat standing on what looked like the roof of a house. She read a few more words and they burst into uncontrollable laughter. The picture was amusing, but not hilarious. A goat standing on a roof. The husband was now laughing so hard he had trouble punching the keys. "Sorry," he said, gasping for air. "Sorry. Sorry. Just… In Nigeria? At Christmas?" He pulled himself together, somewhat. "At Christmas? We like for dinner goat."