Thanks to Fed's generosity, I once again have a camera to play with. My old one, an earlier, slightly different model, looks like a relic of ancient times next to this glossy red one. It's electronics gave up the ghost. Like all things shiny and new, this one seems destined to last forever. It's more slender, far more advanced, though it comes with only a fraction of the features they were anxious to sell me. Before I post any photos, presuming that I do, I should say thank you. On my first uploaded "roll" was this apparent double exposure. It's an accidental picture of me demonstrating to my very attentive benefactor how the camera can be induced to focus on the background or on the reflection, or sometimes a combination of the two, depending on whether you give it time to focus. I have only the vaguest recollection of explaining this to him. Had I not found it staring back at me... So, I post it as a homage to generosity, to good intentions and to serendipity. At the market tonight one of the clerks was upset because her cellphone wasn't working. Her camera was broken, i.e. the camera that was also her cellphone. She wants a new one. "In the future," she said, "you'll only have to think of the picture you want and then drag it into the little frame." Said with absolute certainty. But for the moment, until the new model arrives, we'll just have to rely on good will and chance.